New Issue 75(1)2023


Issue 75(1) covers a range of topics, including cancer research in an article that describes the association of rs4646903 and rs1048943 CYP1A1 estrogen-metabolizing gene polymorphisms with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer in Kenyan women (Murithi et al.).
The paper by İğci and Aytaç presents the phytochemical composition and in vitro analysis of the wound-healing activity of Verbascum stachydifolium Boiss & Heldr. var. stachydifolium growing in Turkey.
An article in animal physiology highlights the relationship between ATP and protein kinase A in isolated rat cardiomyocytes (Ozturk et al.).
In a comprehensive Review Article, years of research on the fish retinotectal system based on extracellular microelectrode recordings from the tectum opticum are summarized (Damjanović et al.).
A novel approach to simpler exophytophagous caterpillar identification with descriptive matrices is presented (Trajković et al.).
Species diversity of Trichoptera larvae was assessed in the streams of the Kastamonu (Cide)-Sinop (Ayancık) coastal region in Turkey (Oezalp and Kueçuekbasmacı).
An article in agronomy describes the macromineral consumption of Pleurotus ostreatus var. Florida and its growth and nutrient dynamics at the beginning and end of cultivation in different culms (Iossi et al.).
The paper by Oguiba et al. in agri-food biotechnology examines the Ascochyta fabae disease of Vicia faba L. The results of phenotypic and molecular characterization, pathogenicity and in vitro biological control indicate that disease aggressiveness is negatively correlated with susceptibility to the biocontrol strains Bacillus siamensis B8 and Bacillus mojavensis B31.
Understanding the relationship between soil properties and plant responses is important for agricultural production and conservation. In the paper by Bogosavljević et al., the soil on consolidated limestone is categorized and its relationship with grassland vegetation is defined.


Professor Đorđe Fira (1959-2022), a member of the Editorial Board of the Archives of Biological Sciences, is acknowledged in the In Memoriam (Lozo and Stanković). Đorđe Fira, a scientist of great erudition and knowledge and a wonderful friend is no longer with us but will forever remain in our hearts and memories.

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Published: 2023-04-03


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